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Dating and Traveling...

I get asked all the time... am i single or am i dating? One of the biggest questions i revive is how do i maintain a life of being single or in a relationship while Traveling. Well the honest answer is that i am such a very Independent person and i like to do things my way. I doing things on my own time. I am currently single and i'm completely comfortable with that. I have not yet found or God has not yet given me the person who truly understands my need for freedom, travel, and solo time. I would love to travel with others yet travel while in a committed relationship however what is a major turn off is insecurities and being extremely clingy. Gross! I like to go at my pace and do what feel right in that moment. I love getting lost in a new city, falling in love with the culture. If i were to date or in a relationship while traveling the world it would involve a serious amount of trust. I enjoying meeting new people and exciting conversations. It's such a turn on to want to learn about where i am and how it can benefit me in my personal life. I enjoy being in a healthy relationship where i can share my world with someone else and we can both come together and explore this world together! Dating while traveling can be a great experience it just has to be with the right person until then. Solo traveler is it! LOL

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