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Bae weekend in July!

Being that I enjoy solo traveler it is going to be very nice traveling with my awesome boyfriend. He and I are off to Chicago for a Fourth of July weekend getaway. With both of us working full-time and building a business we definitely are looking forward to enjoying a nice time in the city of Chicago. I have a long history with Chicago go in there to visit friends enjoy the food and entertainment but it is going to be a great experience to share some great memories with my boyfriend. He is also from Chicago and would like to show me things that I have never experience while traveling to Chicago. We are very much looking forward to experiencing something together as a couple so we can look back and create more memories with each other. It is also a time we can reflect on a year ago or so when we first met having no idea where life will take us but here we are in the later still more committed to each other than ever before so I know that this trip will lead us to more amazing adventures in the future. See you out there! Tish 😉


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