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Travel Swimwear

Looking for travel swimwear is the most exciting process for planning a trip to wherever i decide. I have a theme that i only know or if anyone is paying attention can clearly see. I like to feel comfortable, and sexy when i wear a nice fitted swimsuit. I love the feeling i get as it sticks to the skin and curves of my body. It has to match the vibe i'm feeling at the time. I have a few of my favorite websites that i order from when i am getting ready for beach trip or poolside.

* Amazon

*Drip Swimwear

*Ashanti Swimwear

*Asherah Swimwear

I like to go for anything bold and daring. Not to much but just enough to show my sexiness and confidence. These are my top go to when it comes to planning what i will wear. I enjoy taking pictures and i want the memories to last a lifetime. Feel good in what you wear and take pride in how you feel in it. A few might me a little pricy but if i plan my trip the right way then i am able to put that in my plans and feel even better that i have the fit, the right swimwear that matches my vibe and my confidence!

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