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The Country of Fire and Ice Iceland

Visiting Iceland was trip I will never forget! I place I must visit again. Beautiful mountains, great food and absolutely breathtaking. I can remember getting to Iceland super early. Before the sun came up. I watched the sun come up over the mountains and people getting ready for work. I could smell the cool air and the tiny shops that were all around me. Iceland was very clean. The bike lanes were orderly, the streets labeled clearly so that i could understand where i was going. I was happy to arrive at my room where after checking in i fixed a hot lunch and warm tea. I took a shower which was amazing. After the shower was over i fell fast asleep. The next morning i booked a tour around Iceland. It took about 3 hours to complete. I was completely amazed with the waterfalls and mountains. I later remember feeling fulfilled after all i had been through, all that i was going through... I was in Iceland! It was such an freeing experience. I worked very hard to get here and i knew then that when i returned home to the States that i will have enough will power to get back up and finish the process of buying my first condo. Iceland help me get through a very stressful situation in my life. I had always wanted to visit Iceland and now that was happening. If i could make this happen that i can get through anything. I spent 3 days in Iceland exploring as much as i could. I didn't see the northern lights or the famous Blue Lagoon. Next time. I can back feeling so tired. I did a lot of walking but it was all worth it. I'll be back soon to the beautiful country of fire and ice.

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