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First Time Flying International

I've been traveling with in the States for many years but my first time out of the United States was an adventure I'll never forget. My Flight took me from Indianapolis to Toronto Canada where I was able to explore the city for a few hours before boarding to Cancun Mexico! Going to both cities was an exciting experience. I learned to much about converting money, how to find the train into the city and finding places to eat. Arriving in Cancun Mexico was a little overwhelming for me at first but once I find the right bus which takes you into Downtown Cancun and I take a quick taxi to my Airbnb. I always keep an open mind and schedule when every I travel. I knew there were things I wanted to do so all it takes is research and you can find out how to get to anyplace you want to go in Cancun Mexico. I wanted to go visit Tulum and I didn't know how to get there so I researched how to get to Tulum and you can purchase your ticket at ADO or the ADO website and this Bus Transportation will take you all over Mexico or a low cost price. I was able to travel safely to each and every destination. All it takes it courage and bravery to go some place different and be proud of the fact that you achieved a travel goal!

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