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Season 2: Tish The Traveler Podcast

Tish The Traveler Season 2 Podcast is officially underway! After a year break I am now ready to get back out there and showcase what I plan to discuss in this seasons podcast. I can't wait to share topics very dear to my heart. I took a year off from the podcast to invest in new materials to enhance the quality of my content. I also wanted to take some time to heal and get myself together because I was still adjusting to life back in the United States. I needed to take care of myself and I was grateful for all that I was learning after Japan. Living in a pandemic has been quite the challenge yet I found that it has all been a learning experience to express my creativity. This year in 2021 I plan on doing more vlogs, blogs, and podcasting as well as traveling whether it me a simple road trip, or fly to Miami. Not quite ready for a Long trip just yet but it is going to be a lot of fun. Enjoy the podcast more fun and exciting things coming from Tish The Traveler! Peace Love ans Happiness.


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