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Remembering where I started.

Looking back on where I started I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. It is by the grace of God that he has blessed me so much to do with my life. I never thought I could be here in this place here I am comfortable and happy with who I am. It took a very long time for me to except me for me. Love me for me and except everything about me with open arms. No longer denying myself but the things that I need. I have been blessed to travel to many different countries and live overseas and all of those experiences have shaped me into the woman that I am currently. All of those bad situations in the past, the relationships they did not last and the job that I should have never had taken and the abuse I had to endure. overcoming all those obstacles made me a better stronger person I can face anything without fear. If you put your mind to anything you can do anything. I am at peace with my past and I am excited for my future no matter what I can never forget where I started because it with the journey to where I am headed.

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