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Looking forward when you feel knocked down.

This year has been a year of measuring growth. It has been met with situations that will have me thinking that I am living in a circus. People are rude and everyone seems to be losing it. It's hard sometimes because I am such a sensitive person when it comes to my energy, In which I protect at all cost. The world is hurting and I see it Now more than ever. I see so many changes and choices that make me very uncomfortable. Even in my personal like things seem to be going so quickly and I need time to process it all. I still remain strong and press on... Really I get out of the funk I was in and realize that in this time I can transform into anything I so choose. Japan taught me that. I feel Good knowing that I can press on when It seems like life as we know it is coming to an end. I will still be all God called me to be. Keep strong and keep the faith. Till next time. Tish


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