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Dreaming of my next destination...

As the Covid-19 is still going on and as a True Travel Crackhead I really can not wait to hear the beautiful sound of the aircraft taking off as i relax and wait to land in my country of choice. Before the pandemic i had in my mind that i would rest and recover from Japan and i had my eyes set on back to Puerto Rico,and Guatemala. Travel has completely become a way of life for me and it is now apart of what makes me function and grow. While in Japan i grew in ways i never thought possible. Now that i am home i'm still continuing the work of self-love, self-care and most importantly putting God first in all that i do. I have been blessed to do things that i never thought and now i am still thinking when all of this has passed where will i land next. Dreaming of a hot beach with a sexy swimsuit, finding a trail to walk on while discovering new foods, people and culture. I can't wait to experience something new. Even now being back home in Indy i have kinda rediscovered a few things right at home. Things that have been in my face all along. I currently work from home and sometimes getting outside and walking a trail is a good way for me to clear my head and truly daydream about where i want to go next and all the things i want to do while i'm there. No matter the situation and what the world is facing right now i am still not giving up hope of my next trip and where life is going to take me. I am in God's hands always and i will and we all will come out of this situation stronger that ever!

Downtown Indianapolis

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