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The Courage to Overcome

It's very hard to overcome very hard situations and circumstances that we face each and everyday. I personally know all to well about what it takes to have the courage and bravery to overcome many tough situations that life brought to me or i brought on myself. We all face something that is tough and hard to face but in that moment you have to decide if i am going to stay in what is holding me down or find a way to rise out of this situation and come out better and stronger each time. My faith is very important to me and has helped me overcome many challenging situations. Prayer as been a key tool in facing things that i never thought i could fight through. A perfect example is on returning home from Japan. It was my last day in Hiroshima and i took all my things and boarded a train to Osaka Japan. I was waiting for a final funds to reflect on my account and when it did not i found myself stuck at an airport in Osaka. I was there for 2.5 days. I wasn't scared but i did pray my way through. I knew that deep down i was going home. God told me i was going home. I called a family friend and i told them the situation and that with faith i was going home. We prayed and they talked figuring out a way for me to get home. Finally after talking they recited to help fund my way going home. I was wired the money and i booked a flight to Chicago. Within 5 hours and long lines i would board a plane headed back to the United States. I felt so revealed that all that i had to face i never given up hope of going home. Seeing my condo again, and knowing that all i had accomplish was all for the good and to build strength in a time of uncertainty. Getting to Chicago and talking a bus back to Indianapolis was the most happiest feelings in the world. I had taken that bus ride from Chicago to Indy many times over but this was different. I was going home! I was home and I was in my own bed! After the many months away, the days i spent in the airport in Osaka i never gave up hope. Even now as we face more challenges in our world we can look back over any situation and know that no matter what we face we have the courage to overcome! Stay blessed.

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