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Life in Japan: Living an independent life in a different culture.

The choice to decide to go to Japan came down do what i thought was best for me. I really wanted to go anywhere but the choice came down to China or Japan. Looking back on it now with the cornea virus going on going to Japan was a better choice. Getting myself ready for such a huge adventure bigger than anything i have ever done before. I know that i always wanted to teach in other countries but this was really happening. Getting ready for Japan took roughly 8 months with talking with the company, booking fights, getting my schedule ready for the new position of teaching English to preschool and elementary school students. As i got my Visa in Chicago it was all happening so fast. I had to say my goodbyes quickly. Getting my condo ready and knowing i would miss it like crazy i packed up my things and headed to Chicago where i would board a plane to Finland. With a short layover i would board another long 9 hour ride to Tokyo Japan. Once i arrived to Tokyo it was nothing but hurry and rushing. Finding the right train so that i may meet my program director and finding out that i would me living in Hiroshima Japan. I was so tired and hungry but i was still excited to be in a place that i always wanted to visit yet would be spending a great portion of my time learning and growing. I was overwhelmed at times and found many challenges that i had to overcome. No matter the situation i managed to overcome. Going through 3 weeks of training in Yokohama (1 hour outside of Tokyo) I loved Yokohama! When it was time to leave i was sad yet excited to take my first bullet train ride 4 hours to Hiroshima! When i arrived to Hiroshima i was given directions to the school in which i would be teaching. I was yet again tired but carried on. Meeting my school director and getting my temporary apartment i felt so revealed yet met with so many questions? I enjoyed my time in Hiroshima and really needed that time to get used to life living in japan. Going to the bank, paying my bills at 7-eleven, learning a new train system or getting to see the deer in Miyajima. There was a lot to do and meeting new friends that would help me solve a lot of issues that i needed to understand. After spending 8 months away from home i was growing tired of the unprofessional-ism of the company. i was growing tired of my pay being not what i was promised. I was growing tired of my co teacher. I reached out to a few people in my group who had decided to return to their home country. I found great advice and too decided to make the trip home to America. It wasn't easy because Japan and living in Hiroshima was beautiful. This journey home would be more than what i could have imaged. A lay over in China. Never been to China at all and going through immigration was a bit scary. My layover lasted 19 hours and my flight back to Chicago was 12 hours. I couldn't wait to get home. I missed my condo so much. When i arrived back to Chicago i changed my yen back to dollars. Taking the train to downtown and to the mega bus where i would be heading back to Indianapolis. When i got home i took a cab back to the condo. I was meet with such happiness. I missed this place so much and right before 2020 came. I don't regret anything because i needed to learn and grow in ways staying in the United States could have not taught me. At times to miss Japan and the kids but i have so many memories that i always look back. I came home with so much stuff that reminded me of my time in Hiroshima. It was an experience that i will never forget. I plan on going back to visit and meet up with friends and continue to explore Japan once more because now i know. How amazing it is to know that you have the courage and strength to achieve something so grand as living in another culture but it was in me the entire time. If i can live an independent life in Japan i can live anywhere.

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