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My Story

Why I Love Travel

I can remember traveling as a child. Taking trips to Boston, Chicago, or Missouri. l would travel with my family, friends, church group or for a school project but I was always going somewhere. For many years I was only taking road trips until 2008 when I took my first plane ride to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. From there I was completely hooked on travel. l would travel as much as I possibly could. l didn't care how I got there as long as I got to each place safely. l love to travel because l love going to a new place that l have never seen before. l love to travel because l like to meet new people and make new friendships all over the world. l enjoy having an amazing conversation over a great meal and learning new things that I can apply to my life. l love to travel because I love to try  new foods  from all over the world. l love to travel because l enjoy making new life changing experiences that I will never forget. l want to share my travels with others to inspire people to have their own life changing experiences. Travel is an important part my life and l want my travels to show others that they too can see the world just as I do.


Hosting/Traveling With Airbnb

 I have been a host with Airbnb  since 2015. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I want to make sure that everyone has a comfortable stay when entering my home. I enjoy using Airbnb for travel as well. Going to different places and seeing things that i have never seen before  is an amazing feeling. Airbnb as allowed hosting and traveling to become a gateway to more amazing and exciting experience.     


Everyone wants a place where after a long day of traveling and exploring where you can have a home away from home. I pride myself on supplying guest with a positive experience that will make you feel right at home.

Coming Soon


Life Lessons While Living in Japan

This story entails The important lessons I learned while living in Hiroshima Japan. All of the events that led up to moving to Japan. All of my ups and downs. My highs and lows. Everything prepared me for this moment living in Japanese culture. This story is about learning to be independent living overseas working in adjusting to a new way of life. If you’re interested in learning about new lessons in how to apply them to your own life this book is for you.


Keyboard and Mouse

Tish The Traveler Coaching

Looking to grow and transform your life through Travel...

Tish The Traveler Coaching is an one on one sessions for 6, 8, and 12 weeks for anyone looking to learn more about solo travel and how to learn and transform your life. I have information that is good for anyone to learn and grow to become the your best self. Traveling can be an amazing experience and with a little guidance your independent trips and knowledge it can be an experience of an life time. Can't wait to meet you soon!


One on One Coaching

Ready to schedule an personal 1 on 1 sessions. Click below to start the first step to changing your life!

Free Consultation

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Let's Travel the World Together!

Come and explore the world with my Youtube Channel.

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Get in Touch

 I am here to answer any questions that you may have  about my Airbnb or my travels  please send me your imformation  and i will get back with you. 

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